In the commercial environment of construction and engineering, especially in tough economic times, disputes can easily arise. The very nature of complex projects, no matter how large or small, means that management challenges can frequently arise either from the actions of parties involved or from unpredicted events.  

The contract terms used for such projects are inevitably lengthy and complicated and can, and often do, give rise to differences of opinion between the contracting parties as to the meaning of the contract they have got into, or as to the rights and remedies they possess. For these reasons, over the years, the industry has developed many non-court processes for the resolution of disputes, including arbitration, adjudication, mediation, expert determination and dispute boards. These processes are available throughout the world and in relation to international as well as domestic contracts.

Engineering and construction are activities that are fraught with risks, and a clear understanding of them and of the legal and management skills needed to steer a project to a successful conclusion are essential.

The most successful organisations are those that recognise that prevention of disputes is the most favourable course of action to take. But where that cannot be achieved, appointing the best dispute resolver and utilising the most efficient and effective process are key to achieving quick, inexpensive and high-quality resolution.

In a career spanning 40 years, and with experience of contracts and disputes in many jurisdictions around the world, covering a multiplicity of contract forms, types of project and dispute resolution procedures, and as a dual-qualified lawyer and construction professional, I have built up a comprehensive knowledge of the legal and technical issues that often materialise.

My practice is wholly geared to assisting parties, in the UK and internationally, to avoid or to resolve their disputes. In addition to acting as arbitrator, adjudicator, dispute board member or mediator, I have advised parties and represented them in each of these fora. I am also frequently appointed to run training courses designed to address either generic subjects or a client’s in-house practice or procedures.

If you are embarking upon a project and would benefit from independent advice on the contract or dispute avoidance, if you need advice upon the interpretation of a contract you are already in, or if you need to appoint an independent and experienced person to a non-court tribunal, please give me a call on +44(0) 7974 260897, or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , for a free initial consultation.